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PROCEDES HALLIER, designer and manufacturer : 

Founded in 1992, PROCEDES HALLIER designs and manufactures architectural, museum & low voltage lighting products.

We produce a hudge variety of hight quality lighting to master the ray of light :  We offer a range of projectors that the light focus on your own defined target for the most varied situations and effects that you wish.

We adapt ourself constantly to the new technologies : Our daily concern of information leads us to adapt and master new technologies such as LED or special development such as halogen high definition led spotlight.

Proximity and competitiveness : Our daily collaboration with lighting designers, architects and museum curators helped us in implement and customizing of new type of lighting. Our main development target is always to deliver low cost energy benefits in quality client services.

Our market presence is powerful and our products are totally competitive. Why ? 

1. Environment norms : Steel & aluminum are recycling materials of construction that we preferred for their characteristics & flexibility of fast modifications. All client can see a dramatic decrease of energy consumption while using our LED technology spotlights.

2. Design and function : The design of our products have the elegance of simple solutions and reversible. They are made to receive a variety of our own accessories.